Where to start?

Well, the best place is at the beginning…

From a very young age I have been obsessed by the prospect of finding out about everything. My parents, friends and husband have been very tolerant with my need to ask questions, read far too many books and generally be a know-it-all. My theory is that if I have a working understanding of quite a few subjects, then I will be able to hold a conversation with absolutely anyone. 

So, now I have found a way of combining my love of knowledge with my two passions of history and science. I am aiming to create a website, with a timeline for the duration of the universe which then is able to give up to date, peer reviewed information in a style that is accessible to everyone. Ambitious, probably impossible but those who dare win! 

Where to go from here then? Well, the plan is to start constructing the timeline and then write up some detailed text on each subject. Updates on progress will be posted here, as well as previews.  I

So until next time – Neffi

P.S. I realise that there is Google and Wikipedia, which are both very good at finding out information. However, no website that I have seen has covered subjects in a fully comprehensive way. This might be because it IS impossible, but I hope to have fun finding out! 

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