Now where to actually start!

It’s a small word for a big task. And I keep on asking – where do I start?

I have two problems when it comes to research, even with my science background. One, because I want to cover everything, I get distracted really easily. And two, those distractions can take me on huge tangents, away from my original subject.
Another thing that I failed to mention in my last post was that I have another extreme hindrance to the research
process – my 3 month old son. (Needless to say that I conceived of the time line idea before I actually conceived.) Although, the thought of him being able to use this as a tool for schoolwork spurs me on.

So, back to research. I was sat up doing one of many night feeds, wondering how I would conduct my research. I know that I can read once I have sorted the housework and my son is asleep – but how do I take effective usable  notes in such short bursts? Then I thought of how I revised at uni – record cards! I knew that I would still need full notes for all of my sources to refer back to, but record cards would make the actual data collection easier. So I would collate points under suitable headings on the record cards, referencing the sources on the back of the cards. I can then go back and get full detailed notes later on, whilst still being able to develop the basic time line. I would also break each down (as much as possible) into eras, epochs etc. And when it comes to states, civilisations and people’s, then I will begin by looking at known kinglists, religious lists or stories.

So I made a trip to my local stationary shop, and I have bought two sets of record cards – one white lined, and one coloured set. So the plan now is to start reading and make notes. Lots of notes. And a basic chronology, and full notes, and a timeline…

Wish me luck!

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