Big history

Well, it turns out that history is very very big. I have not done as much as I hoped for on this in the last year. This is mainly because of my son, and going back to work. My little boy is adorable, but he clearly hates sleep! And my reading time is therefore curtailed.

So what is the plan? I am listening to audio books on history, and looking into different ways to collect the information that I want. I have found the cue card system too fiddly for mass information. And I do not want to just keep my information digital (it’s very old fashioned, but it is also the reason that I buy so many pens), I like paper copies. Using my note to collate information is a good one. I have also got a note book in which I put my ideas for the data collection. I want to use these a bit like a mood board, to help with the final design of the website.

The other area I was hoping to look into was youtube, and creating videos that could provide historical information. One subject per video, fully researched, and then presented with a link to source information. I think that this could help to launch my idea. I was also thinking of linking it all to the history taught in British schools
I would expand a bit further too. Only two things worry me about this process – the research and the actual videoing. But it’s a pipe dream until I take the next step …

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