Welcome To Mrs B’s History Blog.



I am Mrs B.

I started this blog over two years ago as I has a mad idea. I was disappointed that all the history seemed to disjointed. At this time I had not heard of the big history concept. But I was clearly an advocate of the idea.

I wanted to produce a timeline that was produced using peer reviewed material. It would be adaptable, and it would include both the big events and the smaller bits.

But I had a some issues. Firstly, I was a new mum, and was going back to work. And then I got promoted at work, and then again. With each one, my spare time was reduced. And now, I have a toddler, and have to do all the things that’s involved with toddlers. 20170716_122241

So, obviously I want to start my task, but now I understand that instead of doing this as a whole formed project, with all the videos etc, I will have to do this as I go along. I have tried this thinking before, but have not really got past moaning a bit and some brainstorming maps.

This blog will be a starting point. As I research, I will blog and discuss what I find. I can then also review books and articles. From this I can create videos, and start to create the timeline on a website.

The aim is now to read, review and start planning my first set of videos. I hope to post on here every couple of days. Fingers crossed that I get somewhere this time, even if it’s only with the toilet training.

Many thanks

Mrs B.








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